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Nahimic Service Is A Curse That Needs To Go...

Level 9
I always disable it, but it must have enabled itself again during a Realtek update, over the past week had problems with some VST plugins GUI graphics, today my Affinity photo and Designer which then made me click to check on that cursed service which was enabled, disabled it and everything is fine again. So if you have a Maximus Xiii and your sonic studio / realtek has Nahimic service enabled and you are left scratching your head why some graphical glitches are appearing in some apps then disable the service and call a priest to exorcise this dam curse that has been plaguing me for 5 years or more across several Asus motherboards lol
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Level 10
I agree. I have issues with Snagit video recording.

Compatibility with this piece of junk is awfull.