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Maximus XIII Hero mobo paired with i9 11900 very high CPU idle temps & while gaming

Level 7
Hi all,

I just recently bought a new machine, which I'm currently playing around with:

Intel i9 11900
Be quiet! DARK ROCK PRO 4
HyperX 32 GB KIT DDR4 3600 MHz CL18 FURY RGB series
Corsair RM850

I got the non-K version of the i9 11900 and was wondering about the temps in idle and while gaming. In idle, the CPU hovers at around 35 degree Celsius, while playing Valorant the CPU is at like 55°C and GPU barely hits 45°C, but while playing BF4 the CPU is hitting 70°C while all 8 cores run at 40% at 4,4GHz, while the GPU is staying well below 60°C or even 55°C. Whats up with these high temperatures on the CPU? My previous build (i7 6700 w noctua 12D) was always having the CPU at around 40-50 degrees, while gaming, while the GPU was heating up to 80+ °C. On my new configuration it seems to be the exact opposite? The CPU heats up way more than the GPU, even though BF4 is almost 10 years old and my old i7 6700 was staying well below 60°C while playing this very same game. Is there some BIOS setting that I might be potentially missing? I'm running default settings, except the following tweaks:

AI Overclock tuner - XMP I

OS Type set to UEFI
- Secure Boot : Boot tab > CSM > Secure Boot : Windows UEFI Mode

Advanced - PCI Subsystem Settings
- Above 4G Decoding - Enabled
- Re-size BAR support - Auto

Thank you in advance for any hints or suggestions!

Level 9
It's fine do not worry about it, happy gaming 🙂
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phatmonkey wrote:
It's fine do not worry about it, happy gaming 🙂

thanks for the reply! Stupid questions deserve stupid answers and I'm very glad this community hasn't given me one 🙂

Dug deeper into the topic and you're right, its just as it is supposed to be. No BIOS setting that I would've missed, its just old code of an old game. BF5, the CPU heats up to max 60 degrees.

I just wasn't used to such a situation in the past, that my CPU actually heats up more than the GPU 😄 lets see how the rig is going to perform on BF2042 🙂