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Maximus XIII Hero chassis fan vs aio pump headers

Level 8

I have a Maximus XIII Hero with a dual fan air cooler, and 6 case fans. If I connect one case fan to each of the three regular CHA_FAN headers, one to the H_AMP header, one to the AIO_PUMP header, and one to the W_PUMP+ header, I'll have every fan connected with no splitters. But I notice that the Q-Fan tuning doesn't work on the AIO and Water pump headers. I got around this by temporarily hooking up my two fans that use those headers to some of the other headers, and used Q-Fan tuning to find their minimum duty cycle, then put everything back how it was and set the minimums manually for those two fans.

I'm also using AI Cooling. So my question is will the fan curves and AI Cooling work normally with those two fans connected to the AIO and Water pump headers? Or am I better off sacrificing the ability to sense and control every fan individually, and use splitters so that all the fans are connected to only the three CHA_FAN headers and the H_AMP header?