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Maximus XIII Hero 9402 Bios Change Log

Level 7
I see Bios*9402 is posted but there is no change log, is there any where to find these changes?

Ataemonus wrote:
Nope, I will not bother with the original BIOS, probably makes no difference. My hope is that the first batches of the boards suffer from this issue and not the later ones, so for now I will return or sell the board and give it another shot later on, when the 11th series is available.

I'm still with the original BIOS. No coil wine with it so I'm going to keep it until the new Bios is not alpha or beta. Right now it's Beta 0402 but no change log.

I found crazy no change log.

Waiting for the 11th gen as well.

Level 11
Maybe you got lucky and got a board with no coil whine. Or maybe you do not hear it, who knows.
For me it's very easy to hear, as the system is dead silent, and I mean it, 4 140mm fans, all spinning at 250 RPM, no HDD, only SSDs, nothing moving basically except those fans, and when I get coil whine it's at idle, when playing some movie or music with PotPlayer which is set to use the QuickSync hardware.
Also, no GPU for me currently, crazy prices, using the iGPU, so I presume the coil whine is from the iGPU VRM.
I did not try any stress testing yet, to check the total VRM coil whine, I got so pissed with this iGPU VRM coil whine that it turned me off any further testing.

Level 11
PS. I tracked down the coil whine issues. Not the iGPU VRM, as I presumed, but something do to with C states.
I figured it's weird the whine goes away when I actually use something that uses a bit of resources, so I disabled C states. Coil whine went away.
Still, very annoying as I want C states active so that the PC is dead silent when idle, it sits in the room that I sleep in, so ... yeah.