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Major bios bug with Z590-E auto SA voltage after loading XMP! 1.638V! Be aware!

Level 7

i noticed after i load the XMP Profile for my Crucial 32 GB 3600 mhz ram kit the bios sets for SystemAgent Voltage per auto on 1.638 V. I read this high voltage can kill a cpu instantly. Glad it hasnt killed my 11700K instantly. But maybe its damaged already by this bug where Asus is responsible for.

Look for your SA voltage if you load XMP Profile. Its a ****ing joke. Asus marked ~1.6 V as puprle (when you set it manually) for showing that this is dangerous but set it per auto when you load only xmp profile.

8auer noticed the same with a Gigabyte board and changed it to arround 1.25 V:

3:49 minute

The only reason for checking the SA voltage was 8auers video on Youtube . After ~2 hours since loading xmp profile. I checked it with hwinfo64. hwinfo64 shows the same value as the bios in the box beside auto.

I was only in idle on desktop and played cs go for arround 10 - 15 minutes nothing more. I hope the damage will only occur if i had put the cpu under high load.

If Asus fault is damaging a lot of cpus they will have to pay for it.

Best regards


Level 7
Curious to know more about this. Mine (i9-11900k, on a ROG Strix Z590-A) was showing 1.584v for CPU VCCSA in HWiNFO, and confirmed in BIOS as well, with XMP on / ABT on / MCE on / 1:1 ratio ("Gear 1"). I lowered it manually to 1.3v, still on the "higher" side traditionally, but safer? - everything seems OK for now.

edit: BIOS beta ver. 0704

it is not a bug
it is intentional at 3600 with gear 1 which is auto
my co worker says its needed for the non-ks to stabilize at this frequency with gear 1
i am trying to convince him to branch out for the k's.

Interesting, thanks for the follow-up. So...

1) the K-variants should have lower VCCSA? Just for reference I tried lowering my 11900K to 1.25v and still haven't seen any problems. SP rating on my chip is 81 though, so I'm not sure if that means lower voltages in general are required across the board.
2) do the 11th gen chips, in general, tolerate (or require in the case of non-K) a higher VCCSA than previous gens?

There are a lot of changes with Z590 vs Z490 platform. I guess XMP on Z590 system will use Gear 1 mode for 3600 mhz, and up to 3733 mhz. Seems like Gear 1 does require an increase in both VCCIO and VCCSA. With 3600 mhz running 1:1 your going to require some juice.

You can try using Manual settings vs XMP with Gear 2, use Auto Voltage Caps to configure your max VCCIO and VCCSA, and see if that works to run lower voltages. Run some stress tests and see exactly what voltages your system needs under load for stability.

On my Z490 I set both VCCIO and VCCSA to 1.33V using Auto Voltage Caps, and it works vary well.


Memory Test Load.

RealBench, or Prime95 will run @ 1.328V.