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M13 Hero and Sonic Studio / DTS Unbound

Level 7

So quick question,  I have a pair of DTS:X headphones and wondering can I use and have Sonic Studio Effects on along with having DTS Unbound enabled for my headset?  Just wondering if there will be any issues with it.  I have a maximus XIII Hero 


Level 40


Since you have an ASUS ROG SS3|DTS Sound Unbound motherboard, the configuration of the Upmix / Surround must be done via Sonic Studio III (SS3) and/or DTS Sound Unbound :

SS3 : Sonic Studio > Basic Mode :

Sonic Studio Effects : On
Upmix / Surround : Checked​
DTS Sound Unbound : DTS Headphone:X > Enable DTS Headphone:X > Configure > Click on the 3 dots (...) and type the reference of your audio equipment :

- If you find your audio equipment select it.
- If you don't find your audio equipment :

If you use earphones : Choose the earphones icon
If you use headphone/headset : Choose the headset icon
If you use speakers : Choose the crossed headset icon​

For my part since I have an ASUS ROG SS3 motherboard (so without DTS Sound Unbound), I additionally bought DTS Sound Unbound with the aim of using DTS Headphone:X spatialization when the games are compatible in addition to SS3 spatialization, and to use SS3 spatialization (Music global profile (untouched/default) + Upmix / Surround checked) for all other content including games that are not compatible with DTS Headphone:X spatialization.

Notes :

- Do not go beyond 48000Hz 24Bits. If you go beyond 48000Hz 24Bits, DTS Sound Unbound will not work, and SS3 may generate crashes or lag spike with some apps/games.
- If you are not using headphones and you are using electrically powered speakers, the detected impedance is distorted and I recommend setting your amplifier to the lowest level (Realtek Audio Control > Playback Devices > Speakers > Amplify Level : Performance).​

ok so do i use SS3 and have that enabled IE :using Studio Effects "Gaming" while also having DTS unbound enabled?Capture.JPG