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Intermittant Power Issues

Level 7
**CPU**: Intel I5 11600KF
**Motherboard**: ROG Strix Z590-A Gaming WiFi
**BIOS Version**: 1701 (12/12/2022)
**RAM**: 16GB DDR4 1066
**Graphics Card**: AMD Raedon R9 200 / HD 7900 Series (GIGABYTE GV-R797OC-3GD)
**PSU**: Enermax Revolution DF 850W

Steps to Reproduce and Resolve

I am experiencing weird intermittent shutdown and POST startup issues that resolve themselves and return under unknown conditions. Thinking it was my motherboard or PSU, I replaced the MB, CPU, MEMORY and PSU with what's in my specs except for my graphics card in the hopes the upgrade would resolve it.

The kinds of shutdown problems I am having :
- The unit shuts down, without warning, to black screen intermittently.
- On occasion, the unit will start-up and then after 4 seconds shutdown in a continual loop. It's very similar to what happens when you do a BIOS update and restart, without the loop.

I thought maybe I had some issues with power at my house. I hired a contractor and found some issues with the ac circuit in my house, and it was repaired.

I'm still experiencing problems even with the change in hardware and the repairs of my AC. I did bring the unit to another location with a different AC power configuration and I'm still experiencing the same problems.I'mm not sure where to begin troubleshooting this, can power issues linger in a system after the device is moved to a different 120VAC configuration?

I removed the hardware from the case to make sure I wasn't running into a circuitry short issue and continued testing outside of the case.

With the hardware out of the case, the only thing I could see was only one power lead (with the two connectors) was attached to the graphics card. I did try connecting both power leads to the graphics card and the problem seemed to disappear, but then I returned the one lead with 2 connectors back to the graphics card and everything seemed normal now. I thought that maybe one of the components wasn't getting enough power, which might be causing the power issues.

The thermals look good and there doesnt appear to be any damage to the components.

I have been running the hardware through a stress test and I am finding no trouble now, but It seems like the problem reoccurrs in certain situations that I cannot for the life of me identify. Have I missed anything?

Level 7
Was the electrical in the house reparied after you changed hardware? If it was then you may have damaged the new compoents, just like the original. I would assume that may be the issue. Damage can be done as soon you power up the PC. I would get some software to log some voltage vaules and temp of computer when stress testing. Thermals will cause instablitly, but over voltage can damage hardware. Good luck!

Sorry it took so long for me to get back to this post. it got busy for me.


Yes the electrical problem was repaired after I replaced the hardware. If it damaged my hardware, would the issue be so intermittent? Can you give me an idea if I still need to look at voltage and some guidelines on what to look for?