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idle Cpu how ?

Level 11
I just bought a new pc with maximus hero XIII and Intel Rocket lake i9 11900k
And i see it allready runs turbo mode with 5100 mhz. But i can see asus armoury software uses a lighting service that runs at 7% in taskmanager.
This makes the cpu jump to turbo mode or higest cpu mode.

When i disable that service then my cpu jumps down to 800 ish mhz and jumps to 5100 mhz when load is detected.
That is how i would like to have my cpu in idle mode. But it seems like any RGB tool makes my cpu load high due to that lighting service.

Cant this be fixed somehow ?

Its like this " use RGB and get high loads" or "disable RGB have idle and power saving system"

Level 13
7% should not make your CPU jump to turbo.
My 18 core rig at idle. Corsair IQue is using about 1.5% I cant speak for Armory because I don't use it.
How are your clocks being controlled. I take manual control over mine with turbo boost and intel speed step enabled. All core OC and manual Vcore. The VID table is too high to use adaptive like I did with 99XX chips.


Level 11
I use Xmp2 and then everything is optimised load like standart settings.

What should i tweak in bios to get it right ?

Level 13
I think I remember that was happening to my system also, there is a thread from several months ago. I am not running the lighting utility so no problems. If you are using the RBG Aura lighting on your system and need to keep running it, since they have not made any changes since I complained, I don't expect they will.
Maximus Z790 Hero,
Intel i9-13900k
Intel BE200

Level 11
i see..same problem years ago with these RGB tools.

Now i got another problem and its called coil noise from the CPu area on my Hero XIII mobo.....
And i tryed to disable C state and turbo and set a manual volt among other tweaks in bios, But the noise is still there.

I just spend 6000 $ on a trash pc from hell...

nekem is ez volt a problémám g.skill rgb ramokal eltiltottam az rgb ram vezérlést az armurban és a ram gyári szoftverét használom