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FYI Maximus IX Code TPM enabling for Windows 11

Level 9
This is more of an FYI, hope it will help others.

Running TPM.MSC on my Windows 10 PC, it told me no TPM was found.
I had BIOS 1301 and under Advanced\PCH-FW, I had two options: dTPM and PTT. dTPM was enabled by default (see pictures).
I assumed PTT was the correct one to choose, from reading forums etc. but I left it alone and upgraded BIOS to 1501 (no issues).
Going back into the same screen after upgrade, I see PTT is now the default.

Running TPM.MSC again, it tells me it has found a TPM, I've highlighted the version - 2.0

Update: just to mention, for those who want hardward based TPM encryption (PTT is software based), it is possible to purchase a TPM module from ROG and plug it into the mbod, instead.


Simply, if you are getting this error msg, this pc can't install windows 11 you need to enable TPM 2.0 in bios.