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Blue screen when using M.2 NVME SSD

Level 7

I have a problem with my ROG STRIX B460-F GAMING model motherboard, I was having a lot of blue screen problems, I stopped to analyze and came to the conclusion that this motherboard is not able to work with M.2 SSD, I have two different models and in both cases errors have occurred. I installed Windows on an old sata ssd that I have here and I had no more problems, I decided to leave an M.2 ssd as a secondary one to install games, but it simply stops being recognized, especially when I transfer files to it or even start to to play.
I find it difficult to have a problem with two M.2s, I have a Kingston model and a WD model, both NVME. Do I need to configure the BIOS for it to work correctly or is it a defect on my motherboard? Has anyone gone through this?


Level 12

Check the specifications of the installed CPU.

O que devo procurar? Olhei para tudo, mas não vi nada relevante.

And what CPU model is it?


Level 12

With an Intel Core CPU there should be no problem, try resetting the BIOS to default and see if you see the nvme SSD(s) in the bios. Check if all drivers are installed in Device Manager.

You can also after restoring the default BIOS settings reinstall the OS then install all the latest motherboard drivers to download from the support page here:

and do Windows update