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Bios 2801 + Intel ME driver = bricked PC

Level 9



my PC was running fine with the latest bios installed (2801)

I then noticed on the bios download screen information about downloading the latest Intel ME driver.

i downloaded the latest ME driver, it installed ok then asked to restart.


i clicked restart and the PC won’t boot.

it starts for 3-5seconds, clicks off, then repeats.

please advise…..



The link provided by GibsonRed provided the information to fix the problem, including a problem with my system shutting down during a bootup or reboot. That issue began with the first Windows 11 BIOS. My system also stopped performing critical shutdowns during gaming. I have no intention of updating this board any further.

Level 9

Pndiode. You’re not helping. This has nothing to do with your motherboard.

This is for the z490-I 

Level 9

3 months later.

Any updates on this yet???

meanwhile back at the camp….

Over 2000 views tells me it’s a widespread issue. Other posts cropping up about it too…..

Maybe Asus outsourced their bios and intel ME quality control and testing to the same place they outsourced their support? 😂

absolute diabolical customer service for such a so called high end and respected company.

Asus fix your broken products, it’s a total disgrace.

I resolved my issue with the BIOS from the link you shared on Reddit. Once I installed that "engineer" BIOS, I was then able to update to 2801 without updating the ME. A setting under the TPM menu is now disabled when previously enabled. This was causing my system to shutdown during a reboot or bootup. I don't believe this board actually supports the feature like the other 490 boards, but was activated regardless. This was likely causing the "bricking".

Level 7

New firmware Intel ME v14.1.72.2287 has appeared on station drivers. Check if the problem is fixed?

I got to work, and I'm just going to leave it at that. Asus is not in my future.