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Bios 2801 + Intel ME driver = bricked PC

Level 9



my PC was running fine with the latest bios installed (2801)

I then noticed on the bios download screen information about downloading the latest Intel ME driver.

i downloaded the latest ME driver, it installed ok then asked to restart.


i clicked restart and the PC won’t boot.

it starts for 3-5seconds, clicks off, then repeats.

please advise…..



If you're incapable of searching this thread, then that might explain why you've barely seen any.

not incapable, no. Just difficult in an echo chamber of just two people trying to proclaim there's a widespread problem on a long since EOL platform lol. Can't be very confident in your claims if you don't want to share it

Level 9

I'm running a custom built system: ASUS Z490 ROG Maximus XII Formula / 32GB x 3600MHz RAM / EVGA SN 1300W PSU / Intel i9–11900K (5.2GHz) / RTX-3080 Ti, etc., etc. I've updated the Bios (2801) and the ME (MEI_Intel_v2406.5.5.0) to the latest made available from MoKiChu about two months ago.

I didn't experience any issue but I will note that I made every effort to update all the old drivers for ANY of my components, (including my Nvidia GPU), before I did the BIOS & MEI.

Also, according to what I found on line, the majority of various "website forum guru's" say to  "...always update Intel's Windows drivers (MEI drivers) and ME firmware BEFORE updating the BIOS...". So, that's the procedure I followed.

I'm not saying that this procedure will guarantee success but it probably would be a good idea to follow it. I mean, it couldn't hurt, right?

You’ll have a revision 2 board.

it'll be the early adaptors who got shafted…..

Level 7

I have ASUS ROG Maximus XII Hero (Wi-Fi)/10900K. Bios (2701) and firmware ME ( installed. Everything works fine with Windows 10 Pro x64 (22H2). Does it make sense to update the BIOS to (3001) and the ME firmware to (