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Bios 2801 + Intel ME driver = bricked PC

Level 9



my PC was running fine with the latest bios installed (2801)

I then noticed on the bios download screen information about downloading the latest Intel ME driver.

i downloaded the latest ME driver, it installed ok then asked to restart.


i clicked restart and the PC won’t boot.

it starts for 3-5seconds, clicks off, then repeats.

please advise…..



The link provided by GibsonRed provided the information to fix the problem, including a problem with my system shutting down during a bootup or reboot. That issue began with the first Windows 11 BIOS. My system also stopped performing critical shutdowns during gaming. I have no intention of updating this board any further.

Level 9

Pndiode. You’re not helping. This has nothing to do with your motherboard.

This is for the z490-I 

Level 9

3 months later.

Any updates on this yet???

meanwhile back at the camp….

Over 2000 views tells me it’s a widespread issue. Other posts cropping up about it too…..

Maybe Asus outsourced their bios and intel ME quality control and testing to the same place they outsourced their support? 😂

absolute diabolical customer service for such a so called high end and respected company.

Asus fix your broken products, it’s a total disgrace.

I resolved my issue with the BIOS from the link you shared on Reddit. Once I installed that "engineer" BIOS, I was then able to update to 2801 without updating the ME. A setting under the TPM menu is now disabled when previously enabled. This was causing my system to shutdown during a reboot or bootup. I don't believe this board actually supports the feature like the other 490 boards, but was activated regardless. This was likely causing the "bricking".

Level 7

New firmware Intel ME v14.1.72.2287 has appeared on station drivers. Check if the problem is fixed?

I got to work, and I'm just going to leave it at that. Asus is not in my future.

Level 8

I never listen when it says to update to the latest Intel ME firmware first. I always update BIOS first and never had a problem. 

Didn't read the whole thread but you motherboard doesn't have Dual Bios with Bios button on the back to revert to previous BIOS or a glowing green Clear CMOS button?

I was just having that 8 second where the motherboard lights up a couple codes show on the LED and then it just keeps doing that. I had to turn off the PSU unplug it from wall and then when I turned on the PC I pressed the clear CMOS button for a few seconds.

I already know what the problem was. I had sleep set at 5 hours so for the last 2 mornings i wake up to a blank screen with the PC on and LED at 55 always 55 which is way higher than the mid 30's it's always at.

So I will just leave my PC on and never shut it off which is what I usually do. If PC says it needs to reboot after update I usually just restart explorer or sign out and in again. Reboots have always caused more issues than fixed for me.

No, this board isn't dual nor does it have a CMOS button. Ridiculous to see a premium board in 2020 still using jumper pins.

A new bios and intel ME firmware is out.

I haven’t used my pc since i moved house but it needs looking at. As soon as I load a game it crashes, if I use madvr and skip forwards….crash.

i might try and update the intel firmware and this new bios and if it just clicks off on restart I’ll try that engineer bios I linked to and do what you did.

did your games used to crash on the pre windows 11 bios like mine? As in just power off the entire pc?

Sometimes my games would crash, but that was because I had two NVME drives which apparently you can't have with a graphics card as it causes instability. Not sure why anyone would design a board in this way. They should've disabled one of the SATA ports instead if bandwidth is an issue with this configuration.

My system would completely shut down during a reboot when I used the first Windows 11 BIOS. This was likely due to a hardware feature being enabled in the BIOS which wasn't present on the board. I know it was related to the TPM garbage. The engineer who provided the BIOS mentioned the mistake on their part. Now it reboots normally. I haven't updated the firmware after downgrading with that custom BIOS, and then installing 2801. I don't have time to experiment in fear of going back to what it was. I treat these new BIOS' like the plague. I have zero confidence in Asus.