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Asus Z590 and Intel 11700k Help

Ok when I built the Rig I through in a 10850k because the 11th gen wasn't out ye. Now it is and I went with the 11700k.Problem here is I keep getting a Kernel Power 41 error. I trouble shot just about everything I can think of all the way down to cha...

PLEASE HELP! Performance Issues

Hello and Good day!I have i7-10700KStrix B460 F32GB RamNVM.e SSDStrix 3070 OCWindows 10 Proand running 1440p on monitorsoftwares installed:nvidia experiencegame first VIarmoury createWhen playing Warzone, I get massive FPS drops after playing some ti...

j0hnp4ul by Level 7
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Tuff Gaming Z490 motherboard temp sensors

Hi all.I am looking for information on what the board temp sensors are monitoring. I have one temp sensor # 6 that reports a temp of 8 deg C. All the rest are either in the 20's or low 30's at idle

Davet68 by Level 7
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Losing gpu during boot

Maximus HERO XIIII9-11900k Strix 3090samsung 980 pro m.2samsung 970 evo m.2sabrient rocket Q4 m.2Sabrient rocket plus m.2Gskill Royal 128GbEKWB cryo TEC2 corsair commander 2 corsair lighting modules It will display bios screen through gpu at boot, th...

Maximux 13 Hero Drivers

So is there any newest drivers for this motherboard yet? i mean the ones on the drivers site seem to be old looking for updated audio and chipset drivers and anything else. also im running a 10700k OC to 5.0 on all cores any reason to get a 11700k?...

neggie by Level 7
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GNA device

Hi,I have just finished to built my new setup based on a M13H, bios 0704. I don't understand the aim of the setting "GNA device" in the Bios . Is it useful ? Does it need to be completed by a Windows driver ?By the way, after several days, I can say ...

sl910 by Level 9
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TUF Z590 Plus Gaming WiFi Bios 405 not upgradeable

Dear ASUS community,I'm having an issue with my new TUF Z590 Plus Gaming WiFi motherboards bios.The system is running very well, but I wanted to update to the latest bios.When looking at the support page of the motherboard, I can see the following bi...

XIII Hero - Losing LAN connection

I'm frequently losing my LAN/Ethernet connection with the XIII Hero. Unplugging the Ethernet cable and re-plugging it usually restores the connection. I've tried reinstalling the LAN drivers but this continues.