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Maximus Extreme XIII and NVLINK Bridge?

Has ASUS forgotten the Maximus Extreme XIII (not the glacial one.) I am planning on a 3090 NVLINK build but I only see Strix, TUF and Heroes but not the Extreme. Also on the side note, will ASUS be making an NVLINK bridge for their 3090s?

AIDA64 - Memory Read / Write / Copy Speed

So, I'm currently experimenting with my RAM (4x8GB), and i was just wondering if the lower Read / Copy speeds (lower than Write) are normal.Shouldn't i see very similar results with all Read / Write / Copy ?** Ignore the Pentium G6400, i know... xD I...

Disable Channel A DIMM0 and Channel B DIMM0

Hello everybody,I filled all 4 slots with memory and wanted to play a little with DRAM OC. But I would like to do that with only 2 modules in order to have better chances. I saw that you can deactivate individual modules in the BIOS so I deactivated ...

Stix Z490 E gaming bad Ethernet port

No connection through ethernet port but wifi works. Fresh install of windows 10 20H2 all done through wifi since was never able to get port to work. Ethernet port is intel controller l225-v and getting no connection. Wonder if port is bad?The...

with switchable socket restarts up to 5 times

Hi Guys,I have the Asus Maximus Xiii Hero Z590 with BIOS 0402.since I have been using a socket that can be switched off, the computer has stopped with Q-Code 00 and restarts up to 5 times, then it starts in the fail save BIOS and can start normally a...

Strix z490 e gaming internet

Unable to get internet to work. Got l225 v1.0.1.4 from asus website and seems to not install. Installed Windows 10 build is 1709 from thumb drive. Brand new strix z490 e gaming. I already flashed bios to 1003, which it was 707.