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10900k always downclocking after 1 minute.

Im using the Hero xIII and the cpu always drops its speed to 4.9ghz no matter what overclock i set in the bios.My cpu temperature is at 70c and have disabled all powerlimits.Why doesn't Sync all cores work like the 7700k where i set the frequency and...

Vangry by Level 7
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Will there be XIII Formula Z590 ?

Hello, recently planning to get i9-10900K with a Z590 Mobo, just wondering if I should wait for XIII Formula or just get this XIII Hero, I used to buy Formula most of the time, VIII Formula, XI Formula, I dont know why this time they dont have Formul...

TUF GAMING Z590-PLUS and NEW bios version 0810

Hi, someone has issues with TUF GAMING Z590-PLUS and bios version 0810 ?I don't know but I noticied some problems with my SATA AHCI Disk: Western Digital 4 Tb model ST400NE001-2MA101 WJG0HZFLIn addtition to this I saw that the Gigabyte program RGB...

AUSU Prediction meaningful

Hello All,I currently have an i9 11900K (tray version) in my Asus Maximus Xiii Hero. `But I will get an i9 11900k Boxed in the next few days and only want to keep one (the better one).But how can I best test the quality?Does the SP value say anything...

LightningService constantly using between 1-5% CPU?

The LightningService, which seems to be Connected to Aura Sync/RGB, allways use between 1-5%, is this normal behavior? I can stop the service, but then my RGB seems to freeze, not the biggest deal, but is there a way of either getting this process to...

Nitrius by Level 7
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Missing drivers on Z590-F

Currently missing 3 drivers on the Z590-F board, anyone know what they might be?Two PCI units and one unknown, the unknown one, might that be acpi? Which there is no drivers for yet? - Device Manager

Nitrius by Level 7
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