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Asus Z490-E gaming audio ports retasking.

Hi,I have a little problem with realtek audio console not allowing me to retask audio jacks on the back of the pc. I basically want to plug in my 2.1 speaker setup and headphones at the back and just switch between them, but realtek audio console won...

Z490-F RAM Issue

Hello everyone.I am having problem with my recently purchased Z490-F, hoping someone can give some ideas.I Initially got my hands on Patriot PVS416G440C9K memory, and plugged them into A2 and B2 RAM slots per manual's suggestion.They worked great, al...

Z490 MOBO advice on OC.

Is it safe to use the Asus AI auot oc for the cpu that is in the bios setting?? I really do not know how to over clock a cpu so wondering if just using the Asus tech would do a good job or not?I have a intel i9-10850k with a Corsair H100i Pro. Have a...

Maximus 13EG and Samsung 980 pro

Just built a M13EG with 11900K and a Samsung 980 pro. The read and write speeds are about half what they should be. about 3500. It’s likely due to the Gen3 x4 rather than Gen4 x4 that I’m seeing in magician. My question is how to enable Gen4? I have ...

Hopper64 by Level 14
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z490/z590 bios will not flash, possible solution

Since Rocket Lake release I have seen quite a few people post about the board acting like it is dead or one of the bios will not flash on a dual bios MB like Apex.I ran into the same issue with z490 Unify and 11900k where the MB would not do anything...

bscool by Level 11
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Asus ROG Maximus XIII Hero: Two Questions

Good morning,after fiddling around with the Board and the 11900K for a week I have 2 questions:First: It seems that after loading the XMP-Profile ABT will not work - I have never seen a core going above 4.9 GHZ. I Have GSkill 4266 17-18-18-38 1.5V-Ra...

iFredn by Level 7
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