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UPDATED: Windows 11 (TPM chip)

UPDATED THIS POST TO PREVENT CONFUSION:No TPM chip in Maximus Xiii which is a requirement for Windows 11 is now solved, in short most modern Intel CPU's have it's own TPM module under the name of PTT which can be enabled in the Bios, you do not need ...

ROG Maximus XIII Hero BEST bios settings

Hi to everyone, this is my configuration:- ROG Maximus XIII Hero with BETA bios ver. 0902- Intel Core i9-11900K - Processor 3,5 GHz Tuboost: 5,1 GHz, 8 core, LGA1200- G.Skill - DDR4-3600 F4-3600C16D-32GTZNC, Trident Z - 64 GB RAM- Samsung MZ-V8P2T0B ...

Intel ABT vs Asus MCE

Hi,Can anyone explain what is the difference between these two settings in the Asus Maximus Z590 motherboards line- Asus MCE- Intel ABTI am asking this because in my mind, both settings goal is to maximize the ratio multiplier on ALL CORES. So for me...

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Disk read - stutter

I'm getting spikes in FPS frametime that seem to occur with a spike of disk read activity. Is it normal for some games to frequently read from the disk and should spikes in disk read cause stuttering? Or might I have an issue with the storage system ...

Vcore most raccurate measurement - MH13

Hi everyone,In the BIOS setup of my Maximus hero 13 (v 0707) I have an interesting setting under Extrem Tweaker\Digi+ VRM. It is named Voltage monitor and comes with two values. Die Sense and Socket Sense. For core voltage monitoring which one should...

sl910 by Level 7
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