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Is Easy Optimization Okay?

I have an i9-11900k on a z-590-e motherboard.  Just got done running Easy Optimization from Asus.  According to CPUID HWMonitor, everything looks okay except under Voltages it has listed that the IA value is set at 1.587v and the VID (Max) changes al...

timlab by Level 9
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Serveral Questions

I have an I9-11900k intel chip in my Z-590-e motherboard.  I know I have power, but now that I got my elect bill, I know I can save something here (LOL).  Not to mention the heat from the chip itself. Question#1:  For the reasons mentioned above, how...

timlab by Level 9
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Realtek alc1200A codec sound problem

There is an audio codec realtek alc 1200A on my motherboard, TUF h570-PRO such a problem: The sound is like behind the wall, like it’s coming from outside, the sound positioning may be wrong ... It feels like you are not sitting in headphones, but si...

molando by Level 7
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CPU OV jumper

According to my Bios, it states that if I want to work with anything below this line I must change the CPU OV Jumper to enable it.  That's fine and daddy, however, this is mostly for Over Volting.  I want to under-volt my CPU.  So my question for the...

timlab by Level 9
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Resolved! What will I lose or gain?

I have a Intel Core I9-11900K chip with a Z-590-e motherboard.  This board has 4 M.2 slots.  Currently, I have one M.2 in M.2-1 slot (just under the GPU).  I would like to add another M.2 to the board.  Any suggestions on what I can expect, and what ...

timlab by Level 9
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Rog strix z590-e gaming wifi 40 mm fan vrm

Hello, I would like to know how the 40mm fan for the VRM works. From a certain temperature? Because for the moment it doesn't run. Any changes to be made in the BIOS? If yes, where please?It is well connected to its port (VRM Heatsink fan header).Tha...

OVKrieg by Level 7
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Issue ROG Z590-F WiFi 5.1 audio

Hi;I have issue in motherboard ROG Z590-F WiFi 5.1 audio after update dts sound unbound from Microsoft store in Realtek audio console the 5.1 audio select didn't work what 's happened ?? the new intel z590 is garbage f*k this built i do coil whine...

Z590-F Sound Issues - Optical Cable

Hi,Recently purchased a ROG Strix Z590-F motherboard but I am having issues with the sound. I have my amp connected to the computer via an optical cable. Randomly however the sound will switch to a hissing crackling sound and the only way I can get i...

pmlfrew by Level 8
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