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RAM Cache III trough BIOS?

Shouldn't RAM Cache III be incorporated into the same BIOSgiving the option to specify a constant RAM Cache (as if working with Intel Optane but with any RAM)then if I have 64GB of RAM I could take 24Gb or even 32Gb only for Cache, leaving the other ...

Samsung 980 Pro creates WHEA error in Windows

This post for warn future owner of Samsung 980 Pro M.2 SSD that it create WHEA errors under heavy load (OCCT).I'm pretty sure that the 980 Pro is the culprit as my older 960 Evo doesn't make this error in OCCT.It is not make BSOD crash but warning in...

lexo1000 by Level 7
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M13H + i9-11900K - intel specs

Hi,I have just built a new PC based on a M13H, an intel 11900K and a Nvidia RTX 3090 FE GC. It is mainly used for Microsoft Flight simulator 2020. The result is really amazing, i.e about 40 FPS in the Ultra mode (1440x3440) and in very dense area (p...

sl910 by Level 7
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M13H SVID scenario and V/F Point Offset

Hi,I apologize for this basic question. Does the SVID scenario choice modify the voltage values shown under V/F point Offset. There are 8 frequency points. In my mind these values correspond to the CPU requested voltage at the corresponding frequency...

sl910 by Level 7
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