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Feedback about product quality

Hi,I just assembled a new Z490 platform with a ROG MAXIMUS XII HERO (WI-FI).To my surprise, even if anything else looked unused, the latching of the CPU socket had scratches. The first thing I did was EZ-Flash. But the bios showed only 16 of 32GB of ...

Z490 - F Gaming Weird issue - Error 45

Hi, Just if anyone have same problem like me, Only happen with Vr device. VR is connected to the USB port and when power up PC don't reconioged this device only this one. Note: Give main power rto PC wiothout start up . Remove usb and connect again, ...

Rog Maximus Hero XIII Hero Z590

Is there there website down or somthing??? I can not download any bios or drivers from my mobos page?? Just picked up this mobo last night and I have been trying to download drivers all moring. The funny thing is that I can pull up the drivers on my...

Z490 G DisplayPort not working

Z490 G DisplayPort not working*I had a water cooling disaster with my PC and had to replace pretty much all the parts. I’ve got a new Rog Strix Z490 G but don’t have a graphics card in at the moment. It’s working fine with the onboard HDMI socket, bu...

Question for you Pro's

I have a question for you pros. Would it harm the realtech audio driver if I uninstall, Sonic Studio Companion, Sonic Studio 3, Sonic radar 3, and Dts Sound unbound?? I dont use any of these programs, so I am wondering if its ok just too uninstall th...

Strix z490 G-gaming (non-wifi)

Dear all,Does anyone know the link to the latest bios for this board?Rog download page does not load drivers or bios , i am just getting white screen. Whether i choose Win10 or Win11- doesnt matter. Looks like a bug on the website.Also as far as I un...

FMobile by Level 7
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