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TUF h570 sound unbalanced channels

Can anyone look into it? The board has some problem with sound. Something is wrong with left and right channels, left channel has like 30% lower volume, feels like someone put a pillow into my left earbud i can't listen to this honestly

molando by Level 7
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ROG Maximus Hero Z590 BIOS 2203 available

"1, Improve system stability2, This update includes the patch for the LogoFAIL vulnerabilities Before running the USB BIOS Flashback tool, please rename the BIOS file (M13H.CAP) using BIOSRenamer.   It has the same CPU microcode as BIOS 2001 did (F8 ...

Screenshot 2024-03-06 160632.png

ROG B560 A Gaming not powering USB flash drives

So I recently upgraded my setup to include a 4070 Super and of course to go along with that I upgraded my PSU to a 750w supply. Problems started when I first tested the GPU, as the USB ports stopped powering USB drives. If I connected a keyboard or m...

TUF h570-pro sound problem

Do devs checking this forum? I wanna report a bug on sound drivers. Latest drivers for my board are  V6.0.9238.1 but they are very strange, they have some "wrong sound position" for headsets, i don't use DTS custom or any other effect, also i use bac...

molando by Level 7
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Intel Maximus XIII Extreme - Long Post Delay

Hi all, I have recently purchased the Maximus XIII Extreme. I am running it with an 11900k, 3600mhz Corsair RAM and an RTX 3060.When I power the PC on I am waiting roughly 1-2 minutes before the peripherals power on and then normal boot commences. I ...

MyJimmy by Level 7
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Z590 maximus hero bios 1801

Hello, after updating bios to 1801, rollback to  version earlier than 1701 is not possible. For me best version is 0902, motherboard post very quickly.I'm furious is there a way to bypass this, modify a bios file or something else?I tried ez flash an...

Marecki_ by Level 8
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