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BIOS v1301 on Maximus XIII shoving 2x VCCIO?

99% sure this is just a readout bug, since I'm fairly certain my CPU would be dead if it was actually getting 2.640v VCCIO (and it's exactly 2x what I entered). Saw 1301 had "Improved DRAM compatibility" listed in the patch notes so I updated from 10...

XIII Hero PCIE 16_3/SATA bandwidth sharing

I have a Soundblaster PCIE 1x card in my PCIE 16_3 slot. The manual says: "PCIE16_3 shares bandwidth with SATA6G_12 and SATA6G_34. When PCIE16_3 is populated SATA6G_12 and SATA6G_34 will be disabled. I assume this means when the PCIE16 slot is using ...