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ASUS PRIME Z490-P ME Firware problems after south bridge replacement.

Level 7

I have ASUS PRIME Z490-P motherboard with replaced south bridge after repair.
First time after repair it has shown me ME Firmware version and I was unable to boot Windows 11 on it, so I had to bring it back to service, where ME Firmware was restored using external flash programmator, after that I've got ME Firmware back and was able to run WIndows 11.

Few weeks aftert that everything was ok, but today some windows update has installed and after reboot I was unable to login and BIOS setup shows me ME Firrmware version AGAIN

Is there any way to restore ME region without dismounting motherboard and bringing it back to service center?
Is there any way to restore ME so that it does not corrupt with next ME update?


Level 7

trying to flash with standard flash utility
FWUpdLcl64.exe -F ME.bin
gives me this error:
Error 20: Cannot locate ME device.