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Alternative to F1 for bios?

Level 9
Hi guys. When updating bios or changing settings that makes the board unstable, system reboot and ask to press F1.

There is any alternative to this?

With gigabyte you can use DEL too.

Since it´s a media center install and I have keyboards but without F keys, there is no other alternative? I have all the other letters, symbols, shift, ctrl, del, all but F keys.

If not, could asus add another key to this? I bet is not that difficult. It´s a pain to need to borrow a full keyboard every time I update bios or play with bios OC, just to press F1.

We are in the 21 century to keep using F keys, come on.


Level 7
should works too

Level 9
Hi. Sadly it doesnt.

Del only works for entering bios when everything is ok.

After bios update or after bios settings fail (OC or something related) just F1 works.

Level 13
My BIOS has an option in boot configuration section to "Wait for 'F1' if error"

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Level 9
Problem is wait for F1 is enable by default, so after every clear cmos, you have to press F1.