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2701 bios

Level 10

Hello , there is a new bios 2701 for asus maximus xii formula , i using 2601 , worth update the bios ? , someone already update it and work perfect? , is awful to update and all the configuration and fans curve settup is will reset



Hello Yuniel,

You can save bios profiles to a usb flash drive and load them anytime.

[Motherboard] How to save and load the BIOS settings? | Official Support | ASUS Global

I don't have your motherboard but the release note for 2701 says "Improve System Stability".

If you're not having any issues it's not mandatory to update the bios, but you can if you want to.


thanks for your reply moderator , unfortunately the link show how to made profile and load then , but dont show how to upload into USB and load from usb after update , so my changes are just minimal , like turnoff asus armory crater disable , turn on XMP1 , set fans curve to my tasted , turn off all rgbs/led , and next boot after AC power loss fast boot , change to normal boot


btw the bios dont update dont give me any bootloop or any kind of problem , i hope this is the last update asus made for 490 asus motherboard

Level 10

sorry i error type , i update the bios and DON'T give me any problem of any kind no even bootloop , i made a video of 6 mins aproximacly with my phone to know the change i had previosly , to do this change after the update and all good