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Z790 Maximus Hero/ 14900K Not Posting

Level 8

Hello! So long story short:

I made an upgrade from AM4 AMD, to LGA 1700 Intel. Swapped out my AMD components entirely. I now have a Z790 Maximus and a 14900K.

I know that the Z790 required a bios flashback to be compatible with the 14th Gen intel Processors. Even after completing this task, I get no post.

No Windows boot, no option to enter bios, no input signal, period. The computer (RGB, Motherboard, Fans and all) are ALL on.

My ONLY remaining guess is because I have Corsair DDR5 Dominator Titanium 7200 CL34 slotted in this build. From what I'm reading, that speed is really hit or miss, not currently a sweet spot, and is well over the recommended for the Intel Processor.

I'm looking for ANY advice to try and get this PC to post, to at least get into the BIOS and take a look. 

Full Specs:

Z790 Maximus Hero

Intel I9-14900K

Corsair Dominator Titanium DDR5 7200 CL34


Corsair H170I Link 420mm AIO

2x Samsung 980 Pro 2 TB SSD

ASUS ROG Thor Platinum 1200W


Level 8

Oh boy, where do I even begin! 

Okay, so in the cleanest summary I can provide, a 2 hour call with ASUS support gave me my answer.

First, the Graphics Card not displaying: This came down to CSM being disabled. Why? I don't entirely know, I'm not too good with bios settings and specifications. BUT CSM was grayed out, and I was unable to enable it. Why? Because it is inaccessible while using the Onboard CPU graphics, which was the only way I could get any display.

So now with CSM enabled, my 3 NVME SSD drives still did not appear as boot options, or in the NVME configuration. But would still show up on the EZ Mode, under the "RAID" options.

Turns out, V.M.D was enabled, and the setting was absolutely buried in the SA settings. V.M.D is auto-enabled by default on these boards, and prevented them from being read outside of that configuration.

I got a clean Windows Install, and am redownloading my basic programs as we speak. Your help did not go unrewarded!