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z690 slow power on phase question

Level 7
Hello everybody,

I built a new z690 platform rig earlier this year. Specs will be below. But soo hit the power power button and stuff lights up fans are spinning , dr.debug flashing initialization codes you know the usual but but takes in the ball park of 20 seconds to hit post splash screen and then boots right into windows asap. I've toggled ErP, CSM options and off (also tried seeing if xmp had anything causing a hang up) and seen no difference if the timing between hitting the power button and hitting the rog splash screen. And I tried doing clean boot as well nothing. Other then that no issues.

z690 maximus hero ( I haven't updated to the latest bios but sometimes that can be a bit of a hit and miss ya know I am on ver 1720 currently but it had this symptom since I put the rig together back in late January)
i-9 12900k (ran at stock config) w/ ryujin II 360 aio
g.skill trident z5 5600mhz CL36 xmp enabled
strix rtx 3070
samsung 980 pro 1tb for boot drive
2x samsung 970 evo plus for extra storage
rog thor 1200w psu

I've been searching around for a few months only finding other posts or reddit and tech forums with reports of this happening on some asus strix boards aswell some of the gigabyte z690 boards. ddr4 and 5 boards.