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Z690 + Samsung 980 PRO issue

Level 7
Hello all, thanks for letting me join the forums!

This is probably going to be a long post as this issue has been rumbling on for a few weeks and I'm pulling my hair out.

I have also read a bunch of posts on here about this chipset and this drive, i have tried several things other people have suggested but no joy

System Specs:
32GB Crucial Ballistix DDR4 3600
WD Blue 500GB boot drive
2TB Crucial SATA SSD (2.5")
WD SN750 2TB
Samsung 980 PRO 2TB

This mobo has 4 m.2 slots, the very top slot has the 980 PRO, middle slot is the SN750 and my boot drive is in one of the bottom slots.

I upgraded to this platform in December of last year (from a Z390 and 9900K), and I bought the Samsung 980 PRO in January of this year. Up until mid-September I've had zero issues.

I turned on my PC after coming home from work and like most days, some games were due some updates on Steam (my SN750 and Samsung 980 are pure game drives and nothing else). Steam returned a "Disk write error", I didn't really think much of it... was a game i barely played so I just uninstalled it and moved on with my life...

Later that evening, I was playing Phasmophobia with some friends. Had no issues for a few hours but went to load into the Prison map and my game would just crash. Loaded back in and tried again and same thing. So I decided to verify integrity of cache and it reported that 370+ files failed to validate and would be reacquired... then the dreaded disk write error came back.

So I downloaded Crystal Disk Info and Crystal Disk mark along with Samsung Magician. Info couldn't even see the drive (still shows in Windows), Disk mark could see it but it would return an error when trying to benchmark it. Samsung Magician - I updated the firmware on it, then ran some tests and it would return some errors as well, tried a repair but this also returned an error. If I try and run the benchmark on the magician software, it returns an error and says I need to refresh, which I do then the drive disappears from magician.

At this point, I reckon the drive is bad. I raise a case with Samsung sending them a bunch of screenshots of everything I've done, all the errors etc and they accept my RMA request and 10 days later I recieve a brand new drive.

Which has the exact same issue.......

I install the new drive on my laptop (Gen 3 speeds unfortunately) but the drive works as intended, no errors, I'm able to copy files to it.

When it's in my PC, I can't even copy and paste files without errors. I've tried it in another m.2 slot but same issue.

I've also tried reinstalling Windows, making sure Intel RST drivers are up to date but no difference.

I've also had some odd GPU issues as well where my screens would go grey or black, I can still hear everything but I would have to force a restart to fix it. This used to happen frequently but seems to have stopped now. This issue followed me over several BIOS and AMD driver versions... and Windows installs. I did not have this issue on the Z390.

I'm at a loss now on what else to try, or there is a fault with my motherboard.

Any suggestions are very welcome!

Level 7
Have you tried to make secure erase of SSD? Samsung send brand new drives to you?

Need to study Event Viewer every day.

win + X
Event Viewer Local

Summery of Administrator events


These are the most important to study. Get rid of unnecessary and faulting apps and hardware for a week.

XMP 1 ASUS Optimized 1720 bios was no good for me. XMP2 is working great the last couple of days and it seems I finally have a stable build again on win 11 Z690 and DDR5 Corsair. I am running a 980 as main drive. 970 steam drive exposed slot plus a couple intel 2.5

Now this is where things get even more bamboozling...

Yesterday, the drive just started working as normal. I ran a whole load of benchmarks that would normally fail and it's been absolutely fine.

I've been able to install a bunch of games onto it, transfer games over etc.

It just.... fixed itself. For how long? Hopefully forever but I'm not gonna hold my breathe