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Z690 Maximus Extreme cpu code 00 POST check

Level 7
Goodmorning to all of you..i will poste a video of my motherboard POST checks. I am curius why it tests 3 times Cpu Code 00? (i9 12900l)
I believe thats the reason for taking so long until Asus logo appears. Boot to windows from a cold start takes about 45-60 seconds.

P.s cant find a way to post the video!! Any tips?*
Found it.. here is the link of my video when booting

Hi Tsou88,

One reason a cold boot can take longer is because of memory training.

Disabling CSM can help speed up boot time.

Don't worry too much about it cycling through the codes, you only need to worry if it halts on one.

I'm sure you've done a EUFI windows install, you can check this in the bios on the Boot tab, the first boot device should show " Windows Boot Manager ".