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z690-g Motherboard connector

Level 7
Hi guys , i've got a acer predator 7000 , which i've been upgrading , the last thing to do is a motherboard change, i'm looking at the rog z690-g motherboard, however my acer case comes with a 14 pin front panel connector, which only has 4 wires going into it, i believe its power switch and led, could i use a front panel extension kit such as the one made by cosair to convert the connector to the asus motherboard? thanks

here's some pictures

Hi Kirito1984

We can't see how the connector is labled but check to see if the connector lines up with the pins and everything matches.

If it doesn't match, you could just connect each FP cable separately as I did with mine.

pic - 97364

Thanks Nate really appreciate the help, i had a feeling it might work as seperates with a extensions but wanted to confirm it before buying the board.

You're welcome,

According to your picture there should be five 2-pin cables.

Is the connector fixed? Can you remove the cables from the connector and does each cable have their own 2-pin connector?

Hi there, it is a fixed connector but it only has 4 wires going to it, i'm sure they are for on/off and led on/off of the actual power button as the case main front led is powered by sata. Here's another picture of it , that's fabric tape they've put on it.

Thank you,

Yes it will fit and should work.

Connect it like this, with the solid space on the connector where the red X is.

pic - 97368

Perfect thanks alot Nate, really appreciate your help on this one!

Sure no problem, glad to help.

Once you get it hooked up, come back and let us know how everything's going.