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Z690 F HDD's for Raid not visible.

Level 7


Getting issues when trying to setup a RAID1 on a ROG Z690 F using 2 sata hdd's (old school).

Just to put it into context, my old (and still actual) PC is an asus P6T mobo with an i7-920 OC to 3450 with several SSd's and a Raid1 array on HDD's, pushed by 6 superfast 1600mhz triple channel 2Gig ddr3, a real warbeast.....🤣
So, as you can see, i'm like a dinosaure , knowing only the prehistoric Bios versions and i'm totally lost in this new Bios.
Damned, you can even use the mouse in them...🤔
I'm old, so please bear with me 🙂

So i got a Z690-F few months ago, with 2x m2-980 1T, 13700kf, 4070ti.
installed win10 and then left it on the side as i wanted to upgrade the bios and set a raid1.
Because of lack of free time i only flashed the bios 2days ago with the Version2703.
This one actually gave me issues as i lost the boot , removed the 2 M2's, reboot without, then put back the M2 with Windows , reboot and then the second M2.
Then put the 2 Sata HDD and here we go following instructions from asus...
Wel it doesn't work, Whithin Intel rapid storage only the M2's are visible, not the Sata's, so can't build a raid with the HDD's

If someone had an idea of what i missed of what settings i put wrong, thank you, cause i'd really like to have the raid1 working...and i'm totally lost 😵

The strange thing is, when i'm in EZ Mode (F5) it show the M2's as Raid with Intel Storag enabled, and when disabled it's Nvme.
Intel storage On:

Intel Storage Off

The other settings: