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Z690-F Gaming Wifi and Trident Z5 6400 DDR-5 RGB

Level 7

I have a kit of 2x 32GB and putting these in was a nightmare: using auto settings in slots A2 and B2 was the only stable setting I found, but the RAM speed was set to something like 4000 and the timing settings around 40. Manually entering values after a BIOS reset led to the 5 minute wait until the F1 Post error. So did using XMP 2. Using XMP 1 led to stability errors (games crashing frequently). Finally thanks to the post by @Undertoker in I used XMP 1 settings and lowered manually to 6200 MHz.

BTW who thought putting these settings under Advanced mode -> AI Tweaker -> AI overclock Tuner was a good idea needs some talking to. I still have no idea how to set the voltage for these things.

Anyway, please can we have support for XMP for the full 6400  MHz of these things?


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XMP I - Board optimised timings. Every time a board is validated, this profile is the one used by the memory vendor and ASUS.

XMP II - Default XMP timings - this is the default DIMM profile.

Often, XMP II subtimings will be slightly looser depending on the memory kit.

6400MT is the absolute maximum validated ratio for the Z690-F Gaming.

My rule is to opt for a kit present on the motherboard QVL 1 to 3 bins below the maximum validated frequency for the best chance of plug-and-play at high frequency. If aiming for maximum validation, the margins can be quite tight depending on the strength of the CPU's memory controller.

Memory overclocking settings are found under the Extreme Tweaker Menu. One main exception being the Memory Controller Voltage which is found under Advanced Memory Settings toward the bottom of this page. Both this setting and CPU System Agent are the two easiest methods to tune stability on this platform.



13900KS / 8000 CAS36 / ROG APEX Z790 / ROG TUF RTX 4090

Level 7

So you would expect the XMP profiles to just work, even if it is the maximum, otherwise the maximum would be lower 🙂

I have an i9-12900K in there, that should be plenty I would think.

I am not trying to overclock anything - I want the default values to work. I can imagine finding manual memory timings in an overclock menu, but not so much in an AI menu.

Sorting this out took 2 days of rebooting, unfortunately.