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Z370-i and H370-i

Level 7
Hello all! I'm in the process of ordering and building my first ITX build. My question is as follows.

I know the H370-i doesn't allow for overclocking and the Z370-i does but when I look at the H370-i approved memory it shows that 3400, 3222, 3000 are approved memory? From my understanding is the only approved memory in the H370-i is 2666 MAX, but according to the Asus QVL it says it supports more?

I'm trying to figure out which one to get since I like the look of the H370 better.

Super Moderator
H370 is limited to 2666. Anything higher is considered overclocking, which the chipset natively does not support. The QVL is simply a list of tested memory kits tested at the maximum supported frequency (2666).
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Level 7
Appreciate the reply and thanks for clarifying that up for me!