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Xonar D2X optical outpus stopped working

Level 7
I am using
an Asus Xonar D2X soundcard and for 6 years it worked perfectly until this Sunday. I disconnected my pc and removed expension cards from it as I replaced collant inside my waterloop.

I than plugged everthing back and now the sound card doesn’t output any sound at all trough SPDIF connector. I am using it for years connected to my receiver for DTS 5.1 upmixing and I also use a single 3.5mm stereo jack for my headphones. I am also using UNI xonar drivers.
I changed nothing in my system only removed the card out for maintenance and than it vent back in…no software was changed…I put it in the same slot(later I tried other ones too) I did plug in its molex power.

I must say card is working fine outputting sound to my headphones over its analog jack. What aint working is spdif. In windows it says it is plying sound but my receiver doesn’t get any signal. There should be red light inside the optical connector and on the end of plugged toslink cable but there aint nothing.
It bugs me couse only digital aint working but that is also main reason for me to have sound card for my 5.1 system.

Is there any possible solution to “wake up” the spdif to work, or is it physicly broken and I need to get another sound card?

Best wishes Primož Osolnik