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XMP & DOCP Issue on B550 E Gaming

Level 7
Hi All,

I don’t know what the problem is. This is the first time I see this type of error.
XMP & DOCP gives very strange timings ... I don't understand the motherboard or the memory is buggy. ( pls check imgs)
BIOS updated with last version.
And with manual OC RAM timings and speed re ok. The Now RAMs are overclocked CL16 3600Mhz
There is an opinion in what the matter can be?

ROG Strix B550-E Gaming
Crucial 16 GB (2x8GB) DDR4 3200 MHz Ballistix Tactical Tracer (BLT2K8G4D32AET4K)
Ryzen 5 3600


Tnx in advance

Level 12
Check you have put the ram in correct slots which are from the CPU 2 & 4

RedSector73 wrote:
Check you have put the ram in correct slots which are from the CPU 2 & 4

Thanks for advise but i did it already.

I've never seen an error like that. I guess you could log ticket support with ASUS and try to get sent to BIOS guys.

I have already done but unfortunately the answer is not very pleasant.
" Asus has specially created a list of compatible components, and my rams are not listed "
But there are listed RAM 100% same brand & chipset but without RGB 🙂
Therefore, I began to look for an answer not from Asus.

Its pity, if I was a manufacturer, I would be very interested in such questions to improve my new products. Especially a giant like Asus.

B550 product is still raw for now, I hope to fix with updates soon.

You could use Ryzen Dram Calculator and/or manually set the DOCP profile.

Yes i did it already. CL16-19-16-36-58-1T 3600Mhz works well. (maybe i can reach better timings,but dont wanna torture myself)
But it will be bad when i will sell them, not every user can arrange manual OC...

I was waiting for next BIOS update but they released it this week and it is still not working

I changed slots, I used DRAM and tried different voltage settings, I tried rams in another system they tuned and worked welly. Cause of this problem i can't use my 3600Mhz rams with full performance. I only able to tune it to 3200Mhz and still sometimes it is restarting.

Full System Ops

ASUS ROG STRIX B550-F 4600MHz (OC) (Wi-Fi)
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X
Kingston A2000 500GB SSD
High Power 80+ 700W PSU
ASUS PHX RX550 Evo 2G (OC)
Corsair 2x8GB Vengeance RGB Pro 3600MHz CL18 CMW16GX4M2Z3600C18