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X470-i Gaming Dual NVME 970 Evo Problem

Level 7
Hi, I'm hoping someone has encountered this problem before and can advise.

I'm an experienced builder but haven't built using M2 drives before. Heres the gear I have for a new build:

Asus ROG STRIX x470-i gaming
2 x Samsung 970 Evo NVME M2 drives
BIOS : latest (1103)

I would appreciate if someone could fact check me that the mobo X470-i gaming can support 2 970 Evo NVME drives at the same time. I expect one drive to be PCIe 3 using 4 lanes (in the M.2_1 slot) and the other to share lanes with the SATA bus, reducing the PCI lanes available to the (single) graphics slot and forcing it to run at PCIe 3 x 8 lanes. I accept that this is slower and thats fine.

My problem is that one 970 Evo is being recognised, I was able to install windows and thats all good but no matter what I do I cannot find the configuration necessary to enable both NVME 970 Evo drives at the same time. By the spec sheet from the mobo and the documentation, this should in fact be possible.

I have tried CSM booting, UEFI booting, fast boot on/off, secure boot on/off etc and I feel that Im missing something obvious and fundamental or im attempting the impossible. I know users typically pair a SATA M2 and an NVME M2 together however my board spec states quite clearly that both sockets support nvme M2 drives.

Any light you can shed would be appreciated