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Windows 10 memory problem, qcode 8

Level 7
I have seen others post about qcode 8 problems, but others seem to have a more serious problem such as not being able to post or get to windows 10 boot. I am able to boot into windows 10 pro without problems. The issue happens that randomly my computer will freeze, the screen will turn black, and will get to qcode 8. The yellow ram light is flashing, and you can hear the fans spin up vigorously then slow down, then repeat.

I will proceed to hold the power button to turn off, then press the power button to turn on. It stops at qcode 4F, and usually to get around to boot windows 10, i will have to hold power button down again, then press it again to turn it on.

This happens to me only on windows 10 oddly, when I am on my linux partition I do not have this issue. I tried to run memtester on my linux partition and it never froze and shutdown. Instead during memory tests when it reaches memory limits. it will usually gracefully exit the program then proceed to use some of the swap space.

Anyone have thoughts on what could be the culprit of this issue?