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Will this triple monitor gaming setup work?

Level 7
What's up guys. So like many PC gamers out there I want options. I've been researching which new displays to get. I want a 5760x1080 setup. I love 3d gaming. then I just tried a 120hz monitor on BF3. Holy crap! Sooo smooth and realistic.I don't think I can go back to 60fps in FPS games. So I'm trying to figure out a setup with the option of all 3 without breaking the bank to much. Triple 3d displays would just be impossible to run 120hz or 3d at the same time. So I want to save some money and put 2 60 hz monitors as the side monitors.

Ok been researching so i choose this monitor for middle screen

And 2 of these for the sides.


My goal is to only use the middle monitor when playing first person shooters at 120 hertz. Then you use the triple monitor setup for 5760x1080 @ 60hz in adventure or racing games. I thought about 3 3d monitors but that would be impossible to run all in 3d or all at 120Hz.

Also thinking about 23inch versions of the Asus monitors if 3 27in might be to big.

System specs: i5 2500k @4.3 / GTX 680 SLI

It's not impossible to run 3x120Hz(or 60Hz 3D). I've seen it done on multiple occasions. Plain old 120Hz(not 3D) doesn't even increase the load on your system. It's just the refresh rate of the monitor.

You should be able to do 3D surround with 680SLI. You won't get as many FPS as 2D but it should be playable on most games.
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