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Will this RAM work in my system?

Level 7

I currently have an ASUS ROG STRIX B450-F GAMING motherboard with 64gb of Corsair RAM inside.

I am a 3D artist and am finding this is not enough, so I am thinking of purchasing this RAM from Corsair.

However, the RAM is newer than the motherboard and, thus, has yet to be tested and added to the QVL list.

Can anyone confirm if this RAM will work in my system?


Level 13
Hi mate. You may write to Corsair and Asus for further clarification to confirm it. But why you need to change your current 64gb ram?

ahfoo wrote:
Hi mate. You may write to Corsair and Asus for further clarification to confirm it. But why you need to change your current 64gb ram?

I will do just that then.

I need to change it because 64GB isn't enough with some of the high-poly scenes and animations I'm working with in C4D, AE and other programmes. AE especially runs happier with more than 64GB.

For a better chance your RAM kit will be compatible with the motherboard, it's best to select a kit from the motherboard QVL that have been tested and known to work. Due to the amount of new RAM released into the market each month, so it's also important to ensure your Bios is up to date.

Your Memory QVL depends on if your CPU is first or second gen Ryzen.

Here is the link to your support page:

To help you understand the nomenclature of RAM kits, here is a post by raisonjohn and is very helpful in terminology.
Go here:

And here is my advice, for an older system don't use newer RAM, and for newer systems, don't use older RAM, because you can run into issues, but it could work too, so there is a chance both ways, but that's my advice on RAM. And I don't know how old your computer is, so take it with a grain of salt, but there it is. And just because it's not on the list doesn't mean it won't work. A lot of RAM isn't on the list and it'll work just fine, so take your chance. Just don't clock up higher than your board is able to is really all I'm saying, because that won't work either. If that system is using DDR4, you're probably good as long as the speed isn't too high for it to handle, and even if it is, you can clock down, but I'd say go for it and take your chance. As long as the timing is good for it and the speed, it should be fine. C16 at 3200 MHz, so just make sure that's good and it should work. I use CL 16 at 3600 MHz, and my board supports that, so I'm good. Just make sure your board supports those speeds and the C or CL is the best it can be for your board. Then buy it and install it. I don't get too far into memory, for most Ram kits are designed to run fine on newer systems, and you're on DDR4, so just make sure to get the most optimized kit possible is what I'm saying for your board. Perhaps try some Crucial RAM bro. They make good RAM that will work for your board more than likely. I'd try some Crucial kits if I were you.

Corsair makes good power supplies, but Crucial makes good ram. Just like Logitec makes good mice. Be careful where your parts come from.

Level 7

Hey, did this 128GB Ram set up work for you?
I am a 3D artist as well and wanted to get this same ram upgrade. We have similar set ups.



In the Tech Specs, it shows it's for AMD 300, 400 and 500 series motherboards.