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Will the warranty cover cases of 4090 adapter cables burning down?

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So there's this post that's making the rounds on te internet today:
A 4090 adapter cable has burnt down and there were leaks before the release of the card that this may be an issue. Now to be clear, this wasn't an Asus card, it was a Gigabyte Windforce OC card but the issue seems to be the adapters not the cards. I want to get an TUF OC 4090, I read good things about it but I'm a bit worried. If I use the cable that comes in the box, don't overclock, try not to bend it as much as possible and this still happens to me, could I RMA the card? Because this is not the consumers fault, it is most likely Nvidias fault. I have a Corsair HX1200 btw so the PSU shouldn't be an issue.


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Nvm, here's an Asus TUF that got damaged the same way:
This really is getting out of hand...

K1llrzzZ wrote:
Nvm, here's an Asus TUF that got damaged the same way:
This really is getting out of hand...

I agree its a concern, but i have only seen two incidents so far so hardly getting out of hand.

There is something about all this that reminds me of the Xbox Series X's that were allegedly smoking but it was really just a bunch of idiots blowing a vape through the vents

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Doesn't seem to be as "common" as one may think as there would be thousands if not millions of 4090s out there already.

Plus it's hard to say if the user aggressively bent the cable to close the side panel I've seen many people do that even though its been advised not to.

3 now, another Asus TUF bit the dust, just like mine:
Also, yes even 3 isn't a lot, but mind you, these cards have been out for what, 2 weeks now? And already these are popping up, under gaming loads, people buy these graphics cards to use them for years, even if you're the type of person who buys a graphics card every generation, there's still 2 years between generations on average, so will these adapters and power connectors last 2 years of gaming? Or more?

Another Asus TUF 4090, this one is still working but there's visable damage on the adapter, this is starting to worry me...

Most of the GPUs that died from these issues were Asus TUF models, could be a coincidence but I don't know.... is the adapter that is bundled with the TUF cards the same as all other AIB models or is it made by Asus? It should be looked into.

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I bought a 4090 TUF OC, used the supplied adapter, a 16 pin to 4x8 pin -- each feeding into the PSU with it's own dedicated cable. A Corsair HX1200. Got it in November 2022, and my card just failed due to melted plastic. Of all the games I've been playing, it's Baldur's Gate 3 that did it in?! (4K @ 120Hz, Ultra) Bottom 6 pins were melted, top 6 pins were fine. My 180 degree bend went up and behind the backplate. I installed it before any of the aftermarket cables came out but just received the 180 degree variant B from CableMods.

Hoping the RMA process goes smoothly...

You can smell the burned plastic when it happens. But once it was installed, I hadn't touched it, and I installed it with paranoia as the media reports were coming out of these failures. But now if it's happening after 9+ months... maybe there will be more of these coming. 

I hate the orientation of the 16 pin plugs. Even a giant case (Cosmo C700M) with plenty of width clearance just forces undue strain on the cable. Whoever thought it was a good idea to shove 600W of power through a tiny little connector, ugh... 

Mine melted yesterday. After a year of use. Noticed a weird smell and started having crashes and lost signal to the display. Was also using the provided cables that came in the box.