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Will a ASUS ROG STRIX RTX-2070 work in a MF7 z97 MB?

Level 11
Looking to upgrade but can only do the GPU right now with an eye towards the future build.

Level 9
Shouldnt you be asking if it'll fit into the m/b u intend to buy in the future? Im not a pro, I come here to ask questions myself(not stupid questions like the 1 u asked)but looks like that video card has a x16 interface like every other video card and should fit into the little slot so yay! for that. Its 3.0 and so is the bus interface on your m/b so uh hum it'll work. Just uninstall current drivers then install the new drivers. You may have to uninstall some software as well if there's brand conflict.
This is information already available on the internet and these people are quite busy answering all the extremely difficult issues that are popping up currently so do some googling before you come in wasting their/my time. Information is a financially valuable resource and I'd prefer these guys were spending time mulling over issues from their current products. Anyway, good luck on your new build.

Level 11
Thank you for your valuable time Skylab, being as this GPU is several generations newer than my MB I was unsure and looking for confirmation and as for my next build, yet to be determined.

I will be sure to seek you out for future question/answers as you do sound as if you are on a level many times higher that us (me) mere mortals, that is if your social skills will allow the interaction.