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Wifi for z87 gene, also recommendations for him

Level 7

I'm considering to use this board (BTW: any thoughts/experience with this board?how good it is?) but for some reason all the micro boards I consider (the asus gryphon as well) don't have wifi. What are my option?I want to use it with a game/htpc small same (fractal design 605 node) and don't want any extra usb dongles coming out from the front or back. something more like the antennas connections such as the asus deluxe/expert include seem to be much nicer. Can someone (who uses something like that or seen etc) recommend on the best (and fast at least/close to the onboard wifi included on the deluxe series) solution to this?

Also, is there a chance that the ROG formula will include wifi? Does it worth waiting for this board?


Level 7
I asked same question somewhere, but i was thinking only about PCl card slot, but someone told me to go with USB stick better, and honestly speaking, i prefer this solution more than inserting a card on the board, with USB stick i can use it on another board and i can remove it whenever i don't need, also it will save me space on my mobo, i may use those PCI slots for something else.
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ASUS Z87-ITX seems to have Wifi not sure if this is released yet. But would be perfect for HTPC
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