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Wierd video issues

Level 7
Hey All.

I'm having a really weird video issue with this build Here's the general specs:

Motherboard: Z690-E Gaming wifi
Video Card: ASUS TUF Gaming GeForce RTX 3060

The problem: This is actually the second motherboard. The first one was RMA'ed to ASUS where they claimed CID and there was a scratch on the back side of the board. There are no scratches on the back side of this board. The machine worked when the board was first installed for a few days and died after it was moved. The white video light never goes out and you never get video on the screen, you just get code A0. I've been doing some reading and it seems like the Z690 line it a bit problematic. What's going on here?

Level 11
Hey there,

Start from scratch. Make sure you installed the processor and graphics card correctly. Attach the graphics card into slot PCIEX16(G5). For testing purposes, mount one RAM module into slot A_2. Install one NVME SSD into slot M2_2 or conventional SSD using an SATA cable. Plug in all power connectors on the motherboard [ATX_POWER, ATX_12V_1, ATX_12V_2]. Insert an HDMI cable into the back port of the motherboard and one for the graphics card. Fire up the computer. Let us know what's happening.