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Which slot - M2 SSD with large heatsink in Maximus Extreme z790?

Level 8
Hi folks. I have a z790 Maximus Extreme arriving shortly together with a Sabrent*Rocket 4 Plus-G with Heatsink*

The SSD has got a (very) large heatsink on it, and I am pairing with a chunky Aorus Master 4090 GPU. As a result, I don’t want to run the SSD in M2_1 slot as I understand that will force the GPU to run in x8 PCIe rather than x16 - which I don’t want to do.*

So my question essentially is, will I be able to run the SSD with that big heatsink in either of the other two M2 slots onboard the motherboard, and will they allow the heatsink to be installed on the SSD given slots M2_2 and M2_3 are “inverted” (ie upside down)?

Many thanks!*