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Which M.2 slot should I install OS drive?

Level 7
Hi guys,

New to M.2 (nvme).

M/B = Asus Crosshair Hero 7 (VII) - latest firmware

OS Storage = Corsair MP510, 480GB NVMe PCIe Gen3 x4 M.2 SSD

Other Storage (all SATAIII):

1x Samsung Evo 860, 1TB (gaming drive)
1x HGST, HUS726020ALE610, 2TB (data drive)
1x Western Digital GOLD, WD8002FRYZ-01FF2B0, 8TB (media drive)

Am I correct that I should install the OS M.2 drive into the M.2_1 slot? And which, if any, SATA ports get disabled?

I would obviously prefer it run in PCIe mode.

In which case, are there any specific BIOS settings I need to change or will the BIOS default to PCIe?

Thank you in advance for your aid 🙂

Level 7
Good question. I came here looking for something else, but yesterday I actually happened to put an m.2 drive in the 2nd position. I did this because the heat sink that came with the drive was pretty poor and the MOBO had a good one for 2. Bet the Corsair one is better though.

My guess is that at the same temperature 1 is better, but that if the data processor chip overheats and throttles it is worse.*

Will be interested to hear if position 1 is better. My Motherboard Specs list them as the same. The top one is linked direct to the CPU. The bottom on mine goes via an X570 chip.

Level 11
i will recommend M2_1 just in case. the other info is called read the manual. check bios and look for x4 x2 m2_x if that is not there like the new bios of z390 is automatic.

also check IF, since i do not have that board, if you use m2_1 sata port 1 is disable
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Thank you for your replies.

I've decided to use m.2_1 slot (closest to chipset). Rather than under the GPU, for cooling purposes.

This is the response I got from Asus customer support as they answered my query also 🙂

Dear ASUS Customer,
Thank you for contacting ASUS Support.

No SATA ports will be disabled on this board when you install m.2 NVMe drive.
You don't have to change any settings in the BIOS , the board should recognise the SSD automatically.

Both m.2 slots support PCIe x4 drives so it is up to you choosing in which one to install it.

If you have any other question feel free to contact us again.

Kind regards,
Asus Customer Service