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Which is better to use ASUS MOBO Fan headers or NZXT Phantom Fan Contoller block

Level 7
Hello all,
I have an ASUS Maximus VI Extreme mounted in an NZXT Phantom case.
The NZXT has a built in Fan Control block that has 6 sliding controls for controlling fan speed.
I have a Corsair H115i liquid cooler and the fan control is the only one currently connected to the MOBO CPU Fan Header.
Would it be better to connect most fans to MOBO Headers?
When connected to the MOBO Headers will their speed be controlled via the CPU, as opposed to being manually controlled by the slider controls
on the NZXT?


Level 14
the WC fans will only work on the CPU header, the rest you have to set up inside bios or some kind of program i guess. ( ive droped AI suite so i cant say if that will work or not )

Level 7
I was considering installing AI Suite after seeing a youtube video. You found something better?

Also, thanks for your reply above

Level 14
plug a few to the mobo , and the rest to the case controller.
mobo for just air tru on idle, and case for full force when gaming+++.
or maby change out the fans for a more quieter type.

when i had a case i did use a fan controller, but then i was doing WC.