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Which am4 asus Mainboard to buy which doesnt take 30 seconds to post?

Level 7
im currently using the crosshair hero vi which has coldboot issues. sometimes it just hangs on error code 8, 04, or it takes about 30 seconds to just POST.
so i thought why not upgrade to newer asus board. but before i got screwed again i thought id googled and thx god i did. the newer boards b550m and x570 seems to have the same "feature". LOOOOOOL
so is there any asus MB i can buy which will post normaly and is at the loginscreen in 15-20 seconds like the dogsh+t cheap aorus b450m which btw works flawlessly.

ryzen 5600
2*16 ballstix 3600mhz rgb black
2*8 ballstix 3600mhz rgb black
aorus 7000s gen4 ssd.
rtx 3070