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where to find ps2 mice and keyboard for Maximus XI Apex

Level 10
I'm waiting for a ROG Maximus XI Apex which has ps2 ports for keyboard and mouse. I've been searching online to find sellers for new ps2 type kb and mouse without success. Can a USB to ps2 adapter do the job using USB kb and mouse or do these 2 devices need to be native ps2?

Level 14
Amazon has ps2 keyboards and mice listed, the adapters should work, so will USB keyboards and mice

Menthol wrote:
Amazon has ps2 keyboards and mice listed, the adapters should work, so will USB keyboards and mice

Thanks Menthol. dedicated motherboards for hardcore gaming apparently prefer ps2 kb and mice thats why some motherboards today still incorporate 2 ps2 ports. One mobo I have maximus VIII Ranger has one ps2 port that is 2 ports in one apparently you can use a mice and keyboard in the one ps2 port, however i was never able to find ant way or ant devise[es] that worked on that type of dual ps2 port.

If anyone here was ever successful finding such ps2 mice/kb devices or adapters for the dual ps2 port please share what you found. just curious.

Some gamers prefer PS2, but most high end motherboards used for overclocking include these because under LN2 usb becomes unreliable.

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thanks ninezerofive, that makes sense. Apparently under more normal cooling conditions, ps2 protocol is more responsive if i recall... it works in a parallel interface rather than serial or something like that. i believe it is something like the old parallel port and serial port. parallel port ran in parallel while serial runs in serial. Same again as parallel printer port vs USB for printing.

Level 10
Filco Majestouch 2 one of 3 most quality mechanical keyboard have USB to PS2 adapter inside box.
She don't have LED or such things...Maybe she could work.

Manufacturer say

Compatibility USB and PS/2.
PS/2 Interface is also available to use PS/2 conversion adapter included in package.
Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 PC with PS/2 port or USB port

I'm not sure now, but they costed more than RGB keyboard, and worth more than RGB keyboards.
Price was almost 200$ in some moment but later drop I think below 150$.
I was interested but extra cost of PBT keycaps increase price more.


Level 10

Please excuse this late reply. Thanks for sharing this. I shall look into it.