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Where can I find an Ares II?

Level 10
Does anybody know where I could "hook up" with an Ares II Video Card? And is it worth getting the Ares II with the HD 7990 having an EK waterblock for it? I understand the Ares II was a limited edition card, which is part of the reason I want to know where to get one.
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Level 7
to get one any more you are going to have to find some one who owns one then buy it off them i have been looking to but have yet ti find one for sale it would be more worth your time and money to get a different gpu

Level 14
ebay or amazon or where ever you can buy used parts.

Level 7
non on amazon and all i have ever found on ebay has been fakes

Level 7
Just get two DCUII 290x's
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Level 11
wow and I thought I paid too much for a 690
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abvolt wrote:
wow and I thought I paid too much for a 690

Yep, Aussie retailers abusing the name to grab more cash adding to the fact it's Limited...pushes their price higher. Seen a couple MARS II cards as well, one over 1K(Latvia...using GBP currency for payment lol), the other over 2K(US Location)