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Where Can I buy a replacement Motherboard

Level 7
Does anyone know a supplier that sells ROG STRIX motherboards? I have an out of warranty GL703GE-AS74 which has a DABKNBMB8D0 REV: 5 motherboard. I called ASUS and they said I need to send the laptop to their repair department and pay $85 before they would even tell me what a replacement motherboard costs. I told them I'm a certified DELL and IBM tech but I've been building and upgrading systems since the '90's and I know the motherboard is dead -- no lights, especially power light -- and I just need a motherboard I can replace. Finally, they told me that the motherboard I need was specially built for ROG STRIX specifically for that particular laptop and they don't keep them in stock!!I

I've exhausted eBay and Amazon and even Alibaba, the only boards I can find are used, or the others are a forwarding services for repair: send them your motherboard and pay $300-400 and they send it to a repair facility, the whole process takes almost 60 days. Is there no place, in the U.S. that sells new, or refurbished motherboards for niche products? I love my ROG STRIX but had I known a replacement motherboard would be this expensive I never would have purchased one.


Thank you. Iwent there and even thought the picture shown for the GL703GE-AS74 was an Acer board, the ordering department said they have this board. It was $388.00, but well worth the price if the correct board arrives at my door. The used boards on eBay are $500+.

So, they just emailed me back and said they don't have, what to do? Where to go? ROG Strix any suggestions?:rolleyes::rolleyes:

Level 7

I think we are sh* outta luck. I have been looking for a month and even ASUS has nothing new. I do NOT trust eBay at all with something like this. I just swapped for a DELL with same or slightly better specs... *sigh, I miss my ASUS Rog Strix...